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95 alumina ceramic hot pressing process introduction

95 alumina ceramic hot pressing process introduction

95 alumina ceramic is a widely used ceramic in structural ceramics, because it has excellent electrical properties at high frequencies, low dielectric loss, high volume resistivity, high strength, high hardness, and low linear expansion coefficient. So what is the process of hot pressing of 95 alumina ceramics? Next, Pintejin Ceramics will introduce to you.

The molding methods of 95 alumina ceramics include dry pressing, hot die casting, pouring, extrusion, etc. In recent years, pressure filtration molding, direct solidification injection molding, gel injection molding, centrifugal grouting and solid free molding have been developed at home and abroad in recent years.

Products with different product shapes, sizes, complex shapes and precision require different molding methods. Next, we mainly introduce the hot die casting method.

1. Ball milling of 95 alumina ceramics:

The purchased 95% alumina raw materials and industrial paraffin are ground in a ball mill according to a certain proportion. The mesh number of the grinding particles is determined according to different products. Generally speaking, the smaller the product, the larger the mesh number.

2. Heating and stirring of 95 alumina ceramics

Pour the ground raw materials into the mixer for heating and stirring, the heating range is about 80-90 degrees, the paraffin slowly melts, and the powder gradually becomes a flowable liquid.

3. Hot die casting of 95 alumina ceramics:

Pour the slurry into the die-casting machine, and use the pneumatic principle to squeeze the slurry into the mold to realize the molding of ceramic blanks.

4, 95 alumina ceramic blanks wax removal

In a certain temperature range, the process paraffin in the embryo is discharged. The heating of the wax kiln mainly includes coal kiln, gas kiln, and electric kiln.

5, high temperature sintering of 95 alumina ceramics:

The pre-waxed embryos are placed in bowls in an orderly manner and fired in a high-temperature kiln.

6. Grinding of 95 alumina ceramic blanks

The sintered product has good hardness and strength. Since the blank comes out of the mold, there are many sharp edges and corners, so the latter process needs to be ground to meet the requirements.

The above is what Pintejin Ceramics brings to you. Pintejin Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the production and machining of ceramics, focusing on the machining of alumina ceramic parts and zirconia ceramics, and can process ceramic products according to your needs.



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