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What are the functions and advantages of ceramic spools?

What are the functions and advantages of ceramic spools?

The ceramic spool has strong aging resistance and wear resistance, which determines that the use time of the ceramic spool is far longer than that of other spools. So what are the functions and advantages of the ceramic spool? Next, Pintejin Ceramics gives Let me introduce to you.

The role of ceramic valve core

  • Ceramic spools are widely used. Some old-fashioned single-cooling faucets and commonly used valve spools still use copper spools. Copper spools are not as durable as ceramic spools.
  • Ceramic spools are more wear-resistant than copper spools, and will not destroy healthy water quality due to rust. At the same time, in actual use, the quality of ceramic spools is relatively good.
  • It is very firm, not easy to loosen, there will be no water leakage, the water outlet is very smooth, and the water will not be cut off, but the copper valve core is different, long-term use will cause it to be worn and leak water, and now the copper valve core is slowly out of the market.

Advantages of ceramic spools

  • 1. Long service time: Relevant studies have shown that the ceramic valve core can still operate smoothly and labor-saving after more than 500,000 switching operations, and can be used for a long time.
  • 2. The aging resistance, wear resistance, and maintenance-free of the ceramic valve core ensure the stability of operation, save maintenance costs and labor intensity, etc. The aging resistance and wear resistance also make the use time of the ceramic valve core far exceed Use time of other spools.
  • 3. Excellent sealing performance: the ceramic material has high tensile strength, not easy to deform, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance and non-corrosion characteristics determine the excellent sealing performance of the ceramic material. The ceramic valve core makes the faucet not easy to leak water droplets. To achieve the purpose of environmental protection and water saving.
  • 4. Most of the current showers use ceramic valve cores. Such valve cores can improve the sealing performance. With good quality, they can be opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times without leaking a drop of water. Compared with the old showers, it can save water by 30%~ 50%.

The above are the functions and advantages of the ceramic valve core brought by Pintejin Ceramics. Pintejin Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the production and machining of ceramics, focusing on the machining of alumina ceramic parts and zirconia ceramics, and can process ceramic products according to your needs.

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