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Some tips for testing the quality of precision ceramic plungers

Some tips for testing the quality of precision ceramic plungers

With the continuous development of science and technology, precision ceramic plungers have been widely used in medical equipment, environmental engineering, petroleum, chemical and other industries. How do consumers check the quality of precision ceramic plungers when purchasing precision ceramic plungers? Next, Pintejin ceramic manufacturers will explain how to test the quality of precision ceramic plungers.

Alumina Ceramic Plunger Precision ceramic plunger is an ideal replacement for similar metal pumps because metal materials are more susceptible to corrosion in use, while precision ceramic plungers are highly resistant to corrosion. In addition, the precision ceramic plunger is produced with modern engineering ceramic materials, so it also has super hard wear resistance, so it is not unreasonable to use the precision ceramic plunger to replace the traditional metal pump.

Zirconia ceramic plunger So how do we judge whether the precision ceramic plunger produced or purchased is qualified? There are the following methods. (1) Check the tightness of the plunger. Hold the plunger sleeve with your hand, block the oil inlet on the top and side of the plunger with two fingers, and pull out the plunger with the other hand. If you feel strong suction, gently release the plunger and retract it immediately in situ, indicating a good seal of the plunger. (2) Check the plunger for scratches and rust, and replace it with a new one if necessary. (3) When checking the precision ceramic plunger, the cooperation between the ceramic and the ceramic. Insert the end of the plunger into the plunger sleeve and tilt it about 60°. If the plunger can slowly slide down under its own action, it is a good fit; otherwise, it cannot be used as a finished product and needs to be adjusted. (4) Check whether the pressure relief ring belt of the oil outlet valve is worn with steps or scars, and should be replaced if necessary. (5) Check the coordination of the oil outlet valve pair. Use your finger to block the lower hole of the oil outlet valve, and use another finger to gently press the oil outlet valve downward. When the finger leaves the upper end of the oil outlet valve, it can automatically spring back to its original position, indicating that the oil outlet valve is well sealed, otherwise The oil outlet valve pair should be replaced. At present, there are sellers of this product in all regions of the country, and Pintejin Precision Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the design, molding, sintering and machining of industrial ceramic parts. The ceramics produced are of high precision and high quality. For details, please visit Pintejin Precision Ceramics .

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