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Process and characteristics of modern material preparation

Process and characteristics of modern material preparation

As a kind of material, the structure and performance of advanced ceramics are closely related to the preparation process. It is very important to understand and master its preparation process and required preparation technology.

In the modern three major materials. That is, among metals, organic polymers and inorganic non-metallic materials, the preparation process of inorganic non-metallic materials is the most special and the most diverse. Metal materials (except cemented carbide) are generally obtained by melting minerals. Such as steel materials, can also be obtained by electrolysis of salt solutions; such as aluminum, copper and so on. The point of the metal material preparation process is that the liquid phase process must be carried out in the process, and no pores exist in the prepared material. Organic polymer materials are generally prepared by chemical machining of organic raw materials (such as cracking, synthesis, etc.), and chemical reactions are carried out in liquid or gas phase.

The preparation process of inorganic non-metallic materials depends on the type of material. The crystal growth of single crystal materials is often carried out in solution or molten salt, and also in the gas phase. Similarly, glass materials are generally prepared by cooling the molten melt to prevent devitrification, and glass-ceramic materials are prepared by partial crystallization of glass. However, the technological process of modern ceramic materials is very different not only from metals and organic materials, but also from single crystal materials and glass materials. Ceramic materials are generally produced by sintering.



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