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Pintejin Has Passed ISO9001:2015 Certification

Pintejin Has Passed ISO9001:2015 Certification

ISO9001 certification is one of the core standards of a group of quality management systems included in the ISO9000 family of standards. The ISO9000 family of standards is a concept proposed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1994, which refers to “international standards formulated by ISO/Tc176 (International Organization for Standardization Quality Management and Quality Assurance Technical Committee). It is not difficult for enterprises to obtain ISO9001 certification. , but it is not as easy as imagined, and many corporate customers have reported that they encountered many difficulties when applying for ISO9000 certification. Pintejin has passed the ISO9001 certification in November 2009, and every step is the result of our joint efforts. Pintejin currently mainly focuses on precision ceramic processing, mainly including: zirconia ceramic processing, alumina ceramic processing, silicon nitride ceramic processing , aluminum nitride ceramic processing and other advantageous fields. Pintejin’s service fields include: 5G communication, petrochemical, medical equipment, photovoltaic industry, aerospace, military equipment, semiconductors, electronic appliances, pumps, valves, lithium batteries, etc. At present, Pintejin has passed the ISO9001 certification in November 2016. The following is an introduction to the ISO9001 certification process by Pintejin. ISO9001 certification process: Identifying and diagnosing the original quality system of the enterprise; appointing management representatives and establishing ISO9000 implementation organizations; formulating goals and incentive measures; personnel at all levels receive necessary management awareness and quality awareness training; ISO9001 standard knowledge training; quality system documentation; quality system Large-scale publicity, training, release, and trial operation; management training; internal auditors receive training; several internal quality system audits; management review based on internal audits; quality control system improvement and improvement; application for certification; certification company File audit; on-site audit; corrective action; approval; registration and certification; perfect after-sales service. Pintejin is a high-tech enterprise focusing on ceramic production and precision machining.

Pintejin has a skilled team of ceramic sintering, CNC machining and grinding. The R&D and processing of ceramic precision parts is our advantage. At present, the company has a number of CNC machine tools including Beijing Jingdiao, as well as processing equipment such as precision grinders, and forming equipment such as isostatic pressing and sintering furnaces. Pintejin provides full-process services from mold development, sintering, and finishing to ensure stable product quality and fast delivery. Pintejin adheres to the concept of integrity-based, excellence, and Pintejin quality, and is striving towards the goal of leading domestically and first-class in the world.

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