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Mechanical properties of 995 alumina ceramics

Mechanical properties of 995 alumina ceramics

The mechanical properties of 995 alumina can be said to be the highest among alumina ceramics of different purities. It is often used in some high-tech industries. Let’s take a look at Pintejin Ceramics Factory to introduce its mechanical properties to you.

99.5 alumina ceramics are white powder or fine sand, with good fluidity and stable performance. It is used as a raw material in high-aluminum refractory materials, electromagnetic devices and polishing and grinding products.

995 alumina ceramic plunger has high density and high impact energy, which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency. The bottom wear can ensure the purity of the crushed material, and its wear resistance is 2030 times higher than that of traditional ball stones; it has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance, and can be used in acidic media. Specifications are: spherical type has 260, cylindrical type has 312.

Alumina ceramics are divided into: 30-45%, 55-65%, 65-75%, 92%, 95%, 995%, 99.99% according to the aluminum content.

99.5 alumina has a very wide range of applications: precision bearings, instruments, meters, pens, machinery accessories, punching and extrusion, oil fields, hydrochloric acid laboratories, hardness measuring instruments, fishing gear, counterweights, decoration, finishing and other industries!

99.5% alumina ceramic performance table

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