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Are high temperature resistant ceramics the most popular ceramics for users?What do you think

Are high temperature resistant ceramics the most popular ceramics for users?What do you think

In modern industry, there are many different kinds of ceramics, and their properties are very different. In the classification of ceramics, alumina ceramics is one of the ceramic materials with low cost. This material has good high temperature resistance and compression performance, and is very popular and purchased by customers.

Zirconia ceramics make up for the insufficient tensile strength of alumina ceramics. Among the several types of raw materials, it is a structural ceramic with good physical properties at room temperature. Many gate valves, such as valve balls, high-pressure gate valves, and butterfly valve plates, are all made of zirconia ceramics. Let’s talk about silicon nitride ceramics, which should be outstanding in high temperature. Although they are ideal ceramic materials in terms of performance, their use is affected by the high cost.

Zirconia ceramics Zirconia is also the raw material for making high wear-resistant ceramics. Yttrium oxide or rare earth metal oxide and high-purity magnesium oxide are used as composite thickeners, and are fired and quenched to make a stable zirconia ceramic with physical properties, high temperature resistance and aging resistance. In addition, zirconia ceramic raw materials can be widely used in high temperature engineering components and refractory materials. Structural ceramics refer to ceramics that can be used as engineering structural materials with high strength, high hardness, high elastic modulus, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance and other characteristics.

Structural ceramics are generally classified into oxides, non-oxides and ceramic matrix composites for structural applications. Functional ceramics refer to a class of ceramics that have electrical, magnetic, optical, acoustic, superconducting, chemical, biological and other properties and have mutual conversion functions.Functional ceramics account for about 70% of the market share in advanced ceramics, and the rest is junction Structured ceramics. The application of ceramic-based polymer materials in the aviation industry mainly includes positions such as diesel engines, nozzle drainage leaves, aircraft wing outer edges, turbine blades and supercharger shroud rings.


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