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Analysis on the development status of China’s industrial fine ceramic technology

Analysis on the development status of China’s industrial fine ceramic technology

The development of the fine ceramics industry in China is on the rise, but it is technically different from foreign countries. However, with the support of the state for fine ceramics and the development of science and technology, my country’s fine ceramics industry will develop better and better. Below is an analysis of this industry by Pintejin Ceramics.

Due to its excellent properties, fine ceramics are widely used in the fields of national defense, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, aviation, aerospace and biomedicine, and have become an important key material for the development of these fields. attention, its development also affects the development and progress of other industries to a large extent. This article will briefly introduce the overview of fine ceramics at home and abroad, and list some of the key research and development fine ceramic materials and preparation technologies in my country during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

Industry status and problems

Global status: At present, the development trend of rapid progress in fine ceramic technology, widening of application fields and stable market growth worldwide is obvious. Due to high technical barriers, the fine ceramics industry has long been monopolized by Japan, the United States and some European companies with unique technologies. Among them, Japan is the largest producer of fine ceramics, with the most complete categories, the largest output, the widest application field, and the best overall performance, occupying a dominant position in the ceramics market, especially the electronic ceramics market. High temperature resistant structural ceramics are the focus of the development of fine ceramics in the United States. In addition, EU countries, especially Germany and France, have carried out key research in the field of structural ceramics, mainly in the fields of power generation equipment, new energy materials and ceramic devices in engines.

Status of the china industry: my country has carried out research and development on almost all industrial fine ceramic materials. The research and development of scientific research projects such as “Major Projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology” has significantly improved the research and development capabilities of my country’s fine ceramic materials. Finishing of yellow zirconia ceramic rods 2. Overview of the development of ceramic material preparation technology in my country:

In terms of powder preparation, the preparation methods of ceramic powder in my country mainly include three categories: solid-phase reaction method, liquid-phase reaction method and gas-phase reaction method. With the development of nanotechnology, powders prepared by gas-phase reaction method have the characteristics of large surface area, high sphericity, and narrow particle size distribution, which provides a basic guarantee for the preparation of high-performance ceramics.

In terms of forming technology, the main forming technologies used in my country’s fine ceramics industry include cold isostatic pressing in dry pressing, injection molding in plastic forming, tape casting and gel injection molding in slurry forming, etc.

In terms of sintering technology, my country’s fine ceramics industry mainly adopts hot pressing sintering (HP) and gas pressure sintering (GPS) technology. In China, large-scale pressure sintering silicon nitride ceramics has broken through the foreign technology blockade and realized the localization of technology.

In terms of precision ceramic machining technology, machining technologies such as EDM, ultrasonic machining, laser machining and chemical machining are gradually applied in ceramic machining.


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