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1050 Centerless Grinding Refiner – Necessary for Zirconia Ceramic Machining

1050 Centerless Grinding Refiner – Necessary for Zirconia Ceramic Machining

Pintejin Ceramic Factory has recently purchased a 1050 centerless grinding machine, which is an indispensable ceramic machining machine in the machining of zirconia ceramics. Its main function is to finely grind and polish the outer diameter, which greatly improves the production efficiency of our factory.

  • 1. The centerless grinder MT1050/M1050A adopts the grinding wheel frame to be fixed and the guide wheel frame to move.
  • 2. The main shaft of the grinding wheel adopts multi-piece long bearing bush dynamic pressure oil film bearings, and the main shaft of the guide rail adopts an integral 1:30 cone sliding bearing; the grinding wheel and the guide wheel are of cantilever type structure.
  • 3. The feed guide wheel of the guide wheel frame adopts a flat V-type hydraulic load guide rail.
  • 4. The speed regulation of the guide wheel adopts AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

1050 Centerless Grinding Refiner Centerless grinding machine is a tool that grinds workpieces with grinding products to obtain the necessary form, the size of the tool surface and precision machining of tools. Manufacturing is based on grinding work, and grinding work is also part of precision machining. The function of the centerless grinding machine is to carry out high-precision grinding with a relatively small rough surface, and can carry out high-efficiency grinding. The grinding machine can process hardened steel, hard and other materials with high hardness, and can also process glass, granite and other materials with high brittleness. Material. Wheel stand for high-speed rotating wheels in infeed motion. In order to make the centerless grinder more usable and practical, many unique functions have been added to the design of this equipment, so that everyone can have very different effects when using it. We can see that, The design of the guide wheel is added to the centerless grinder.

This guide wheel can make the equipment have a very powerful mobile performance. When using it, it can easily turn any direction of 360 degrees, and it will be very easy to use. convenient. The centerless grinder is mainly used for the precision grinding of the end face, most of the conical surface of the outer circle and the axle parts, and is the main equipment in the automobile engine and other industries. The centerless grinder is also suitable for the machining of small batches and high-precision shaft parts in military, aerospace, and general precision machining workshops. It is used in the manufacture of office communication equipment industry, fax machines, copiers, printers, cutting plotters and other rubber roller machining.

It is suitable for automatic conveyor rollers and plastic machining in printing, food and pharmaceutical industries. In order to reduce the length of the machine tool, the centerless grinder should generally place a stationary grinding wheel frame in the longitudinal reciprocating motion and lateral feed movement. The grinding accuracy of the centerless grinder is generally: the roundness does not exceed 3 microns, and the surface roughness is 0.63~0.32 microns , The high-precision cylindrical grinder can reach 0.1 micron and ra0.01 micron. In the cylindrical grinder, there are several motions: the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel is the main motion for grinding the outer circle, and the problems related to the longitudinal reciprocating motion of the worktable It is the longitudinal feed movement of the outer circle, the main shaft of the workpiece is driven by the circumferential distribution of the outer circle, and the grinding wheel performs lateral feed movement on a regular basis.

Pintejin Ceramic Factory will continue to purchase new machines in the later period, such as CNC machines that can be processed with high precision, so various types of ceramic rods, ceramic plates, ceramic rings, etc. can be customized according to the customer’s drawing requirements.


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